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Ruby Cunningham Thomas was born in Limestone County, in Kosse, a small town in Texas. She moved to Houston at an early age. She is a graduate of Houston Community College, licensed by the state of Texas as a Vocational Nurse. She currently works as an LVN in the medical field. She is a graduate of Franklin Beauty School and has worked as a beautician. Thomas became a licensed gospel minister in 1992. She was licensed by Pastor Gene A. Moore Sr., the pastor of Faith St. Agnes Baptist Church in Houston. She received a Bachelor of Theology in 1998 at Calvary Theological Seminary, under the teaching of the Life of Christ, by Dr. Barbara Wright.

Ruby is a born-again believer, with a love and desire for the Word of God. The Word helps her to be able to stand in faith, knowing this is the grace of God and that all persons have been saved through faith, not of themselves. Thomas has always loved to write. Although this is her first published book, she also writes biblical-themed postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Writers Work, WordPress and Twitter. Thomas also enjoys reading and theatrical production.

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